“Having wobbly legs won't stop us having fun!”

 Friends make the world go round, especially when life is a bit harder for you than for the average child. When Tessa spends a week at her best friend Ella's house she learns just how much you can do when you have cerebral palsy.

Share the fun as Tessa goes swimming, horse-riding and wears her splints made out of toilet rolls all the while learning that even though Ella does things a little differently she still does them! The "About Cerebral Palsy" section at the back of the book provides helpful teaching points for the home or classroom.

The inspiration behind Tessa's Best Friend…

“When Ella started kindergarten, a little boy said to her "your legs don't work". Ella responded cheerfully "Yes they do. It's hard, but I can do it!"

I was so inspired by her attitude that I wrote a book showing the many things children with cerebral palsy can do. My hope is to dispel the myth of children with a disability being unable to participate fully in life. Watching Tessa the Tiger floating in the pool in her bikini gives children a good laugh, whilst teaching about some of the functional elements of living with a disability. Understanding the ways in which children with a disability function bridges the gap between mainstream and disabled…”


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